Single Residence Water Supply Policy 

The District’s policy for supplying water to a single residence is if “a water user’s property is divided” the applicant shall not continue to serve such portion of the property with water.  Such portion of the property must have a separate water service connection if water is desired. Failure to install a new connection will justify turning off the water supply serving the property. A copy of the complete policy is available at the District Office.

If you are a single residence water user but do not receive a water bill directly from SWLCWD (in accordance with SWLCWD policy), then you are receiving water thru someone else’s service meter and piping. SWLCWD cannot accept any responsibility for health risks associated with any such secondary water service hookup nor can it assure that water use charges to you by the person responsible for the service meter do not exceed normal SWLCWD charges for direct single residence service.  Please call the District Office at 541-547-3315 if you have any questions regarding this policy.